Installation made with caps used as a filter.

In this period of my life I am living in a very green area, I live practically in a protected area, the Ticino park.
It was this closeness that gave me the desire to dedicate a photographic project to the flora, which I learned to observe more carefully here.
The basic desire, however, was to reflect and make others think on the risk we run of losing this priceless beauty.
And so born what I call a metaphorical technicality:
I photographed plants and wild flowers that I found turning in the woods I did using as a filter of punctured spray caps, each time a different one, symbolically it is as if I looked at the ozone hole (the CFC gas contained in them were a of the major causes of this problem).
I did it for a year to see and record the changes in shapes and lights always filtered by these caps that helped to give a particular “atmosphere” to the whole.

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